Thursday, 7 January 2010


Nikki Sinclaire, UKIP MEP has called for student grants to replace the current debt making student loan programme." This is about investing in our future - why don't we take a share of the £45 million a day we waste in the EU to invest in our youths. Young people have enough to worry about - they should be concentrating on their studies and future not mounting debts" said Nikki Sinclaire.British undergraduates will on average owe £5,000 for every year of study suggested a poll of 2,000 students.

Freshers should expect to complete their first year of study with more than £21,200 by the time they graduate suggested The Push Student Debt Survey.Those starting degree courses this autumn could see their debt levels pushed to around £23,500.Students across England fare worse in contrast to their students in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Average debt per year of study in England is £5,271, compared to £4,324 in Northern Ireland, £4,021 in Wales and £2,194 in Scotland.Johnny Rich, editor of, said: "With the economy in recession, students are even more concerned about debt than they have been in recent years." Finding part-time work has got harder and many students are facing real financial hardship and are worrying about what lies ahead."Tuition fees from this autumn will stand at £3,225 per year.

Students can claim a loan to cover the cost of tuition fees, plus extra for living costs.There are additional grants available for poorer students; student loans are repaid when graduates earn more than £15,000.