Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Nikki Sinclaire MEP's Statement

Monday, 11 January 2010

Nikki anger at A&E downgrade

People in north Warwickshire are being forced to travel further for life saving treatment as Rugby’s St Cross Hospital’s A&E department has been downgrade to little more than a ‘bandage station’, UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire has warned. The life saving unit is being wind down to the status of a walk-in minor injuries unit as people with life threatening conditions and injuries are being sent directly to Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry, a journey that adds miles to the dash for life.Ms Sinclaire said recent changes at St Cross have left the unit as an A&E only in name, despite assurances from health chiefs that emergency services would remain at the Stoney Stanton site.“Back in 2006 a review of acute service in Warwickshire promised that local 24 hour A&E units would remain but a quick look at the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS trust website describes treatment available at St Cross now as ‘Cuts and grazes, broken bones, minor burns and scalds, bites and stings, strains and sprains, minor head injuries, and minor eye or ear problems'.

“Most shockingly parents are warned that if their child is seriously ill then they should be taken to Walsgrave Hospital directly.”She added; “This move leaves St Cross’s as little more than a bandage station while critical cases are either transferred or transported directly to Coventry with the added wait for life saving treatment.”The MEP, who has special responsibility for Warwickshire, said the move was even more deplorable as residents in the affected area had been kept in the dark about the changes, while local councillors had been briefed in full.“In 2007 Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem councillors on Rugby Borough Council had it spelt out to them that emergencies cases, such as heart attack, acute stroke, acutely sick children and major trauma would no longer be treated at St Cross but choose to do nothing about it.

“I became an MEP to confront the bureaucracy, lack of accountability and democracy at the heart of the European Union but it seems that these very same traits are evident in how the NHS in Warwickshire is being run.“I will now demand to know how this situation came about.”

Dying fish in Ipsley Pool

The devastating impact of oxygen deprivation has seen the death of hundreds of fish and aquatic insects in the local Ipsley Pool. Whilst the seagull community may be enjoying the bigger than normal food supplies – anglers aren’t catching so much. Local UKIP MEP, Nikki Sinclaire together with Anne Davis, UKIP PPC for Redditch have quickly taken action to ensure that the re-oxygenation of the pool takes place speedily, to increase the life of wildlife in the pool and decrease the huge problem of smell from rotting fish and marine life.

“This is huge problem the cause of which has not yet been identified” said Nikki Sinclaire. “Sadly time has been wasted by the Environment Agency in not proactively identifying the cause which has had a huge negative impact on the pool.” “We are thankful to local anglers and members of the public who informed the local PPC Anne Davis of the UK Independence Party of their concerns about increasing numbers of dead fish” said Nikki Sinclaire.

On Monday 9th November, Anne Davis PPC met with officers of Redditch Borough Council to discuss the issue further following more than a week passing as oxygen levels in the pool fell from the average of 70% to only 10%. Following the intervention by Nikki and Anne, the Environment Agency have now promised to pump oxygen into the lake but still a risk remains to the aquatic community as the pumping of oxygen will not have an immediate impact.
“Finally, the long suffering of the fish will soon be over” Anne Davis said.

Anne Davis, a previous Chairlady on the former Amenities Department of the boroughs council stated that the pool had been overlooked. Her previous involvement back in 1990 ensured regular visits to the pool for health and safety checks. Local angler, John, stated that in ‘more than 40 years fishing, I have never seen this before and it is very sad to see’

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Nikki in the Parliament Magazine

Irish Referendum Result

Statement by Nikki Sinclaire MEP

It is with great disappointment that I learn of the ‘Yes’ result in the second Irish Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.There can be no doubt that the true democratic process has been subverted with lies, clear deception and veiled threats. The Treaty passed today is exactly the same as the Treaty rejected by the Irish people last June. Certain guarantees have been given but hold no water legally.The Irish ‘NO’ was not respected by the EU and the staggering difference today lies in the economic scare mongering by the Irish political elite at the behest of their EU masters. The Lisbon Treaty will not help the beleaguered Irish economy yet many Irish citizens believed the veiled threats with memories of the ‘good times’ when they were heavy net benefactors of the EU. Those times will never come back to Ireland.

The Irish people clearly could see that when they rejected the Nice Treaty (that allowed the enlargement of the EU into Eastern Europe). They were given guarantees told to vote again then the guarantees were subsequently discarded, mass immigration ensued that has changed Ireland with most EU subsidy now resting in Eastern Europe.I am proud that along with all my UKIP MEP colleagues we donated approximately £10,000 each to the ‘No’ campaign out of our communication budget. This paid for a leaflet to every household in Ireland.Unlike the EU, I have respect for the Irish people and their decision. We must however concentrate on our own efforts to fight this Treaty and continued EU membership.

We cannot afford to hope that we will be saved by a foreign country or by some magical legal loophole. This country was not build on dreams.We must take the fight to the political elite at every opportunity. Each one of us must ask ‘what can I do to save my country?’ Every leaflet we deliver, every letter we write to a newspaper, every chance we have to raise the subject we must seize. Only the British people can save Britain.We cannot rely either on the Lib Lab Con who have failed to respect and represent the views of the electorate. No one under the age of 53 has ever been asked their views on the EU, those over 53 were blatantly lied to by the same political skulduggery that influenced the result today.Today we lost a battle on a foreign field but the war is far from lost.


Nikki Sinclaire’s decision to stand follows UK Independence Party leader, Nigel Farage’s announcement on Friday 4th September that he would stand down, her campaign for leader starts today. “ I am very much looking forward to leading the party and moving us forward, should the party members decide to make me their leader” said Nikki Sinclaire. “ I know the party, I have worked across the party and I know our goal, it is time to take the party forward into a General Election” said Nikki.

Farage stood down to focus his efforts on standing for parliament against Speaker John Bercow and remain an MEP in the European Union at least until the General Election. He will remain party spokesperson. Nikki was elected to represent the West Midlands in The European Parliament in the recent European elections. The UK Independence Party came second in the West Midlands and across the country. Nikki will also stand for election in the West Midlands in the next General Election. Her mandate as candidate leader remains the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. This would be followed by the signing of a free trade agreement which the British people were told they would sign up to back in 1972.

The UK Independence Party offers various policies that include major educational reforms, healthcare reforms and vast improvements to the UK’s transport network. As a Member of the European Parliament is an active member of several committee groups that include: Women’s and Gender Equality Committee, the Committee on Human Rights, Committee on Foreign Affairs and Civil liberties. Nikki Sinclaire has served the party for more than 15 years in various roles: Party Secretary, a NEC member and the EU election campaign manager for the West Midlands in the recent EU elections, which achieved the UKIP’s highest vote increase. The UK Independence Party has secured nearly 500 prospective parliamentary candidates to run in the next election.

Speech to UKIP Party Conference

Speech to UKIP Party Conference by Nikki Sinclaire MEP On Friday 4th September 2009:

Speech Text

" It is a privilege to be one of the two UKIP MEPs representing the counties of the West Midlands.We achieved UKIPs highest vote increase last June, coming first in three council areas. This is a significant success, and I pay tribute to the hard working UKIP volunteers. I will do my best to repay your efforts.The West Midlands is the home to so much of Britain’s creative and scientific genius – the birthplace of the industrial revolution and of such historical giants as Elgar, Darwin, Shakespeare and Ozzy Osbourne! It has a population of 5.2 million people, and stretches from Herefordshire in the South to Staffordshire in the north, encompassing the metropolitan area of the West Midlands, Shropshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

It has proud traditions and a great people. The EU has had a very negative affect on these people – manufacturing, such as the iconic HP sauce factory, lies in ruins and rubble. Jobs moved to the continent. The car industry is a pale shadow of its former glory – plants like Ryton have been transferred to Slovakia with the help of EU funding, yet our government was powerless to bail out Rover due to EU trade rules, which put thousands on the dole queue. Agriculture has also been adversely affected – tied by the bureaucratic hands of the Common Agricultural Policy. Our dairy farmers closed due to unfair and unrealistic quotas.

Three months ago a significant number of the people in the West Midlands took the opportunity to say ‘NO’ to the EU, ‘NO’ to unelected bureaucrats making 75% of our laws, and ‘NO’ to the EU taking £40 million a day, £40 million pounds better spent on our schools, hospitals and on OUR infrastructure. In the West Midlands we are ready to fight a General Election in every constituency. To build, on our first places in Stoke, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Dudley. Between now and the election we will distribute more than a half a million 8 page newspapers.We will be giving our all to send MPs to Westminster to keep Nigel Farage company.

I have been involved with UKIP for 15 years. In this time the party has grown and can take great credit for changing attitudes to the EU, by reporting the reality and exposing its lies. Not to mention the duplicity of the LibLabCon. The activists of this party can take great satisfaction from the fact that even according to the Brussels Broadcasting Company the majority in this nation want to leave the EU.My first loyalty is to our country and to its independence – this is the cause we all share. I fully appreciate that I owe my position to the ordinary members of the party who elected me to represent them. I understand that loyalty is a two way street and it is my turn to repay them and today I recommit to that promise.

In 1998, I attended the Party Conference that changed our policy in sending MEPs to Brussels. I attended that day to vote against but after listening to the arguments and the assurances - I voted in favour.I still believe we made the right decision I also recommit to those aims and assurances of that Conference. Rule from Brussels is unacceptable in any form - to the people of our party, and to an ever-growing majority of people in this country. I therefore see my role in Brussels as to make the bureaucrats’ life as difficult as possible – to rub their noses in their mess as often as possible.

To report back on their fanaticism – to utilise the resources open to me to the best of my ability for the best use of UKIP.We may have had no choice but to supp with the devil by taking seats at his table. However, at that table it must never be forgotten that our aim is unequivocal withdrawal from the EU. Compromise is not and must never be an option. These are not just words but my principles. So today I am going to put my money where my mouth is – in the next 12 months I will donate at least a third of my net salary to the campaign in the West Midlands. I also believe we need to invest in our future and Young Independence is our future. Congratulations to Lisa Duffy and all those at Young Independence for the strides they have made.

To assist them I will be donating to their campaign. Further, I will not be forgetting our friends in Scotland and the North East who continue to grow in strength.The management of our money is important. All my staff are managed and paid directly by a chartered accountant. I never see a penny of that money. Each year my office allowances will be audited and a certificate produced. We British are a trusting people, but this trust has been abused. History has shown that when we are pushed too far, we will fight back, and that when we fight back, we win. We must galvanise this fighting spirit, to lead our people to that independence that will be our victory."

West Midlands News 1st September 2009

Click here to down load pdf of West Midlands News 1st September 2009


Nikki Sinclaire, UKIP MEP has called for student grants to replace the current debt making student loan programme." This is about investing in our future - why don't we take a share of the £45 million a day we waste in the EU to invest in our youths. Young people have enough to worry about - they should be concentrating on their studies and future not mounting debts" said Nikki Sinclaire.British undergraduates will on average owe £5,000 for every year of study suggested a poll of 2,000 students.

Freshers should expect to complete their first year of study with more than £21,200 by the time they graduate suggested The Push Student Debt Survey.Those starting degree courses this autumn could see their debt levels pushed to around £23,500.Students across England fare worse in contrast to their students in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Average debt per year of study in England is £5,271, compared to £4,324 in Northern Ireland, £4,021 in Wales and £2,194 in Scotland.Johnny Rich, editor of, said: "With the economy in recession, students are even more concerned about debt than they have been in recent years." Finding part-time work has got harder and many students are facing real financial hardship and are worrying about what lies ahead."Tuition fees from this autumn will stand at £3,225 per year.

Students can claim a loan to cover the cost of tuition fees, plus extra for living costs.There are additional grants available for poorer students; student loans are repaid when graduates earn more than £15,000.

Cradle to grave EU plan scrutiny

UKIP had a close eye on Jacques Barrot the EU Justice Commissioner as he outlined his remit of the Stockholm Programme in which he called for "citizenship in the fullest sense of the word" by introducing EU birth and death certificates.He was speaking to the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee in Brussels this week.

New UKIP MEP, Nikki Sinclaire, who is a member of the committee, said: “I was stunned when the Commissioner outlined this proposal. " They are not even pretending anymore, it is now full steam ahead to a complete Euro superstate with a single register for all EU citizens’ births and deaths."" What about the protection of and respect for national identity?”Births and deaths have been registered in the UK since 1837 and are held by the Registrar General who collects them from local registration officers. In 2007 changes were made to the system and Birth and Death Registers were no longer written by hand.

Instead, this information is now held on a central online database.Nikki also criticised Commissioner Barrot, for his blatant disregard for the voters in Ireland facing an October referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.She said: "The Commissioner talked about 'when' the Lisbon Treaty would come into effect not 'if', despite the fact that Irish voters are yet to go to the polls."