Monday, 11 January 2010

Dying fish in Ipsley Pool

The devastating impact of oxygen deprivation has seen the death of hundreds of fish and aquatic insects in the local Ipsley Pool. Whilst the seagull community may be enjoying the bigger than normal food supplies – anglers aren’t catching so much. Local UKIP MEP, Nikki Sinclaire together with Anne Davis, UKIP PPC for Redditch have quickly taken action to ensure that the re-oxygenation of the pool takes place speedily, to increase the life of wildlife in the pool and decrease the huge problem of smell from rotting fish and marine life.

“This is huge problem the cause of which has not yet been identified” said Nikki Sinclaire. “Sadly time has been wasted by the Environment Agency in not proactively identifying the cause which has had a huge negative impact on the pool.” “We are thankful to local anglers and members of the public who informed the local PPC Anne Davis of the UK Independence Party of their concerns about increasing numbers of dead fish” said Nikki Sinclaire.

On Monday 9th November, Anne Davis PPC met with officers of Redditch Borough Council to discuss the issue further following more than a week passing as oxygen levels in the pool fell from the average of 70% to only 10%. Following the intervention by Nikki and Anne, the Environment Agency have now promised to pump oxygen into the lake but still a risk remains to the aquatic community as the pumping of oxygen will not have an immediate impact.
“Finally, the long suffering of the fish will soon be over” Anne Davis said.

Anne Davis, a previous Chairlady on the former Amenities Department of the boroughs council stated that the pool had been overlooked. Her previous involvement back in 1990 ensured regular visits to the pool for health and safety checks. Local angler, John, stated that in ‘more than 40 years fishing, I have never seen this before and it is very sad to see’