Thursday, 7 January 2010

Irish Referendum Result

Statement by Nikki Sinclaire MEP

It is with great disappointment that I learn of the ‘Yes’ result in the second Irish Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.There can be no doubt that the true democratic process has been subverted with lies, clear deception and veiled threats. The Treaty passed today is exactly the same as the Treaty rejected by the Irish people last June. Certain guarantees have been given but hold no water legally.The Irish ‘NO’ was not respected by the EU and the staggering difference today lies in the economic scare mongering by the Irish political elite at the behest of their EU masters. The Lisbon Treaty will not help the beleaguered Irish economy yet many Irish citizens believed the veiled threats with memories of the ‘good times’ when they were heavy net benefactors of the EU. Those times will never come back to Ireland.

The Irish people clearly could see that when they rejected the Nice Treaty (that allowed the enlargement of the EU into Eastern Europe). They were given guarantees told to vote again then the guarantees were subsequently discarded, mass immigration ensued that has changed Ireland with most EU subsidy now resting in Eastern Europe.I am proud that along with all my UKIP MEP colleagues we donated approximately £10,000 each to the ‘No’ campaign out of our communication budget. This paid for a leaflet to every household in Ireland.Unlike the EU, I have respect for the Irish people and their decision. We must however concentrate on our own efforts to fight this Treaty and continued EU membership.

We cannot afford to hope that we will be saved by a foreign country or by some magical legal loophole. This country was not build on dreams.We must take the fight to the political elite at every opportunity. Each one of us must ask ‘what can I do to save my country?’ Every leaflet we deliver, every letter we write to a newspaper, every chance we have to raise the subject we must seize. Only the British people can save Britain.We cannot rely either on the Lib Lab Con who have failed to respect and represent the views of the electorate. No one under the age of 53 has ever been asked their views on the EU, those over 53 were blatantly lied to by the same political skulduggery that influenced the result today.Today we lost a battle on a foreign field but the war is far from lost.